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Embassy chefs from around the world come together to celebrate culinary diplomacy, showcasing their signature dish for attendees. Past dishes have included Bajan pina colada mahi, Chilean salmon duo, Ecuadorian chocolates, Ghanian jollof rice, Haitian shrimp with plantain chips, Honduran enchiladas, Iraqi kibbeh over lamb, Jamaican jerk chicken, Moroccon lamb shoulder, Nepalese finger food, Paraguayan chipa guazu, Peruvian ceviche, Filipino grilled pork, Sri Lankan kottu and more.


Beverages are not an after thought at the Challenge. From cocktails to coffee, drinks of all kinds are available from all regions across the globe. Craft beers, wines, spirits and juices will wet your palate between the delicious bites.


Entertainers representing a diverse group of cultures will be on stage to further wow your senses throughout the evening. Expect culturally specific performances from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America and more.


The sounds from various cultures will provide the soundtrack for the Challenge. City of the Sun returns to the stage with numerous solo artists, DJs and bands performing as well. The after party will be powered by a reknown DJ.